Love and Fellowship

We are a caring community of Christians who are growing in the Spirit, sharing God’s Word with all persons, and showing Christ’s love as we serve others.
The members of our congregation come from a variety of ethnic, cultural and social backgrounds. Our family represents thirty nine countries from around the world. We feel that this diversity is a great source of enrichment and strength. We all come from different faith backgrounds and communities, but we are all brothers and sisters through Christ.
Most of our members live within a ten mile radius of New Brunswick. We welcome you to join our community of faith. Come and grow with us in an environment of fellowship, spiritual nurture and service.


Visioning the Future of our Church

On February 25, 2017, the church held a strategic planning retreat at Lebanon (NJ) Baptist Camp, with the theme - “Church Growth is Our Growth.”  The sessions were led by Rev. Trey Wince, Director of Discipleship and Rev. Drew Dyson, our DS, preached about vision and purpose and encouraged us as we retreated to not say why but why not.

The retreat was open to the entire church membership.  The sessions began at 9am and ended at 4pm.

The retreat offered us many positive things, as we deepened our relationship with God, to look at our lives — deliberately focusing on issues and questions through reflection and meditation, and discussion and dialogue with others — in order to come back with a renewed sense of direction for living.   And that we did!  It was an amazing retreat where there was a deepening of the fellowship within our church community through shared experiences as we focused our energies to plan, problem solve, and team build.

We left the retreat energized and renewed and with one, three and five year plans in hand!   

We are a church on the move – Come Grow with us!